A call for reflection



Dear members and friends!

During this time of the coronavirus pandemic, we receive a lot of guidelines and regulations from knowledgeable persons and agencies in order to prevent us from getting ill, to help us with social distancing, to show us how to live to contain the spread of the virus -- in other words, guiding us to take care of our and others' physical well-being. But just as important, is knowing how to take care of our spiritual health. Who will help us with that? What kind of guidelines help us safeguard our souls from fear and despair? How do we enjoy fellowship and support, when we must stay far away from one another? Where do we find a traveling companion to help us see and experience good amidst the bad? 

Yesterday's Gospel lesson told the story of two disciples on the road to Emmaus, when a third, seemingly unfamiliar traveler joins them. At the end of the road and of the day the disciples' previous sorrow abates and they hospitably invite their travel companion to stay with them. Their broken hearts are healed and burn with the knowledge of Truth spoken by the unknown traveler. And their eyes, that had not been able to see God working in their lives, are opened and they recognize Christ himself as their guest and companion. As Christ breaks bread with them, their hungry souls are fed.   

A walk, conversation, the Scriptures and breaking of bread -- that, is what is needed to take care of our spiritual health and well-being.

Please complete this questionnaire by this Wednesday evening (4/29) of your thoughts on maintaining spiritual health in trying times. I would like to share the collection in our next Church newsletter as a way to continue on this road together with Christ and each other. If you would like your comments to be published anonymously, please let us know. Otherwise, we will use only first names.

Let us stay healthy physically and spiritually in and through God's grace!

Pastor Anita